Hey there, thanks for your interest in my product!

Do you want to know if this book is for you?

Now, why not try to answer the following questions and find out.

  • You have been learning Burmese but now are you feeling like you have plateaued on your learning journey?
  • Are you feeling not confident to speak Burmese?
  • Are you not really understanding what people are speaking in Burmese?
  • You understand and speak Burmese well. But you’re ambitious so you want to get the better feel of the Burmese language like your mother tongue and you want to speak like a Burmese native?
  • You want to keep polishing your Burmese but there are no more engaging, fun and practical resources out there anymore?
  • You have self-discipline and are determined to learn?

If you said Yes to most of them, then this book is perfect for you!

Because with this book, you can

  • Learn more than 1,000 daily practical Burmese example sentences with English translations for 34grammar structures (15 entries each) with the accompanying audios (both in Burmese and English).
  • Learn new vocabularies at the end of each grammar structure with cultural references, idioms, common sayings and slangs
  • Increase your speaking confidence (like a native!) and listening comprehension
  • And last but not least, you have the freedom to find your pace and stick to the book with self-discipline!

Then you will certainly achieve your goals!

Always remember – perfect practice makes perfect.

So let’s get started! Go shop your preferred version of the book. 🛒

Before you buy, make sure that you read the Refund and Shipping Policy. If you are buying the print version. If you have questions, please leave a message at www.facebook.com/advancinginburmese or write at contact@advancinginburmese.com.  I try to respond within 24 hours.