“Features (of the book) I find useful”
“The way the book is organised with different structures, and then examples of how each structure can be used is very helpful. Also practising saying the phrases using the partial/full listening files is very helpful especially if you are studying on your own. It gives an opportunity to practise speaking and listening which I otherwise would rarely get to practise.”
Bella (English Teacher)
“Features (of the book) I find useful”
“The different audio files for different learning stages/exercises; the variations given for each structure (like ဆိုရင်/ဆိုလို့ရှိရင်/ဆို/etc.); the inclusion of idioms and colloquial forms, not just textbook language; and in general the focus on things that you actually hear every day and need to say.”
Benjamin (Translator)
“Features (of the book) I find useful”
“Listening to real-life style Burmese sentences which are spoken at a natural speed and pronunciation.”
Marie Starr (Design Project Manager, Writer)
“Sentences are complex enough to be challenging, and simple enough so that we don't give up. - Vocabulary: Excellent ! - Notes: Great to add this Burmese cultural flavour on top of it. As when motivated enough to learn a foreign language, we hope to better understand its culture. - Burmese index: Great add-on !”
NBallerand (Consultant/trainer in commercial Strategy & Operations)